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100% fossil-free, circular and carbon-neutral.

  • Zero® 98 motor fuel
  • Zero® UL91 aviation gasoline
  • Zero® Jet A / Jet A-1 jet fuel
  • Zero® Diesel


Zero® gasoline

Our first batch of clean burning 100% fossil-free fuel. A “drop-in” gasoline fuel, no engine changes required.


Make clean fuel your business

A licence to generate limitless clean burning fuel wherever you want. Energy security for your customers and a crucial component in the future of fuel for your business.

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This is not about our journey, it’s about the journey of those who join us.

So far, we have partnered with some amazing brands, helping them all in their quest to go zero.

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Our process combines air and water to create clean burning fuel. Abundant resources; limitless energy.





The 1971 McLaren F1 M19A making history at Silverstone. Driven by 24hr Le Mans winner David Brabham, completing the first ever laps around the famous circuit using 100% fossil-free synthetic Zero fuel.


Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber drivers Valtteri Bottas & Zhou Guanyu take to the track in a 1967 Lamborghini Miura & a 2024 Huracán Sterrato at Zero's Fuel Reinvented event.


Guests were spoiled with the Racing talent on show at Zero's Fuel Reinvented event. F1 Legend Damon Hill, NASCAR prodigy Ty Gibbs, F1 talent guru and Zero rally partner Gwen Lagrue - and of course our very own Paddy Lowe.


Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber driver Valtteri Bottas at Zero's Fuel Reinvented event. Signing our limited edition co-banded Jerrycans - soon to be auctioned on behalf of Save the Children.


The Guinness World Records® title was secured by the Royal Air Force and Zero at Kemble, Cirencester, UK, on 2nd November 2021.


The sun goes down on the production of the first ever batch of Zero fuel, on the Scottish island of Orkney.


Zero joined forces with the RAF at Farnborough Airshow to announce plans to develop and trial fuel for fast jets.


Zero fuel can be used in all engines – even the one in this chainsaw, used to carve a Red Arrow ice sculpture at Farnborough Airshow.


Zero made the Duke of Richmond’s motorbike carbon neutral at the legendary Festival of Speed.


Zero set up their US headquarters at one of the most iconic addresses in Santa Monica.


With Plant Zero.2 and modular production technology on the horizon, make clean fuel your business and get in touch.


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What is Zero® fuel?

Zero is the antidote to fossil-based propulsion technology. Not only is it a carbon-neutral fuel, but it also offers the same performance and range as its fossil fuel alternative. The carbon used is extracted from the air not the ground, making it a sustainable solution for the future.

What vehicles can it be used in?

Zero manufactures synthetic petrol, diesel, avgas and jet fuel and the fuels can be used by any vehicle that runs on that form of fossil fuel, with no need for any modifications.

Why do we need synthetic fuels?

Fossil fuels provide a large amount of energy for a small amount of fuel but they add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Alternative energy sources, such as electric or hydrogen, cannot offer the range and performance needed for certain applications, such as global shipping, commercial flight and agriculture. Synthetic fuels can, as they provide the same amount of energy as fossil fuels. As they can be used in existing vehicles, they can prevent billions of dollars being lost in retired assets.

Is it a biofuel or a fuel made from waste?

No, it is neither. Biofuels use materials from fields or forests and are not scalable without significant impact on land. Fuels made from waste rely on limited resources (including a lot of fossil fuel materials) and are not sustainable or renewable. Zero® fuels use only water and carbon dioxide as source materials, both of which are abundant in the atmosphere.

How does Zero® 95 compare to standard petrol?

Zero® 95 meets the same fuel standard as UK and European pump fuel. It delivers more power and range than E5 or E10 fuels and the same power and range as traditional ethanol-free petrol. It will mix with any remaining fossil fuel in a tank without any problem.

What additives does Zero® 95 contain?

It is a pure fuel, with no additives. It does not contain ethanol, is 100% sulphur-free, 100% lead-free and does not contain any traces of rare metals. Also, no significant quantities of rare metals are used in the manufacturing machinery used for fuel synthesis.

Does the manufacturing process use electricity?

Yes, but the electricity is provided by renewable sources, making the entire manufacturing process 100% renewable. Fossil fuel emissions are generated to build the fuel plant in the first place, in the same way as all other renewable energy solutions, but Zero plants are brand new, constructed to the latest design principles and environmental regulations and we are working hard to limit plant development emissions as much as possible.

What does it cost?

The fuel is currently available on pre-order as limited-edition 20-litre jerrycans, priced to reflect their value as first-of-a-kind collectibles. Once production is scaled, the target price for the commercially available fuel will be in line with fossil fuel prices.