Fuelled by a childhood dream of sustained, clean burning power by former F1 Executive-Director, Paddy Lowe. Paddy Lowe joined forces with Nilay Shah, renowned academic and subject expert, to form Zero in 2020 and set out to realise that lifelong ambition. Zero is now a team of handpicked devotees to a clean, carbon neutral future.


During his time at Formula 1, Paddy was Executive-Director of Mercedes, Technical-Director of McLaren and CTO of Williams. Throughout his extremely successful career, Paddy gained the following achievements:

12 F1 World Titles

158 Race Wins



Company is formed

First flight with the Royal Air Force

First batch of Zero® 95™ sold

Plant Zero.1 starts construction

Fuel testing and sales begin






If what we do at zero inspires you, get in touch, tell us why and what you can do; we are always looking for the right people to drive us forward.



The Guinness World Records® title was secured by the Royal Air Force and Zero at Kemble, Cirencester, UK, on 2nd November 2021.


The sun goes down on the production of the first ever batch of Zero fuel, on the Scottish island of Orkney.


Zero fuel can be used in all engines – even the one in this chainsaw, used to carve a Red Arrow ice sculpture at Farnborough Airshow.


Zero joined forces with the RAF at Farnborough Airshow to announce plans to develop and trial fuel for fast jets.


Zero made the Duke of Richmond’s motorbike carbon neutral at the legendary Festival of Speed.


Zero set up their US headquarters at one of the most iconic addresses in Santa Monica.