> Zero and Rolls-Royce collaborate to accelerate the synthetic fuels (power-to-liquids) roadmap in the UAE


13th November 2023

Rolls-Royce and Zero Petroleum (“Zero”) will combine their respective expertise in aviation technology and synthetic fuels to support and accelerate the United Arab Emirates’ power-to-liquids (PtL) aviation roadmap, the companies confirmed at a joint event at the Dubai Airshow on Monday.

“Power-to-liquids sustainable aviation fuel production is the most important technology for the United Arab Emirates to decarbonize aviation” (White Paper, UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, 2022). Zero, a leader in synthetic fuels, together with Rolls-Royce, a leader in jet-turbine propulsion, possess the core capabilities to support this vision.

Zero CEO Paddy Lowe said:

“It's very exciting for Zero to work together with Rolls-Royce to develop synthetic fuel solutions for aviation in the region. We are pleased to reconfirm our partnership with Rolls-Royce in the context of the Dubai Airshow. The UAE is one of the most forward-thinking countries in terms of energy transition, and we anticipate Zero establishing a significant presence here in the near future.”

Rolls-Royce Business Development Director Middle-East, Turkey and Africa, Yuri Jongkind said:

"Our collaboration with Zero Is part of Rolls-Royce's sustainability strategy to engage with the wider aerospace Industry on uptake of Sustainable Aviation Fuels. Rolls-Royce has now completed our commitment to proving the compatibility of all our in-service engines with 100% SAF. Hydrogen-based fuels and new hydrogen propulsion systems are the next challenges that needs bringing together world-class expertise and innovative thinking. In that light, we're delighted to continue our work with Zero in the UAE, ME and globally."