> Zero Expands Motorsport Activities as First Synthetic Fuel Partner in Rally Car


18th April 2024
Zero Expands Motorsport Activities as First Synthetic Fuel Partner in Rally Car - 1

Zero, the leading producer of carbon-neutral synthetic fuel made from just air and water, announced it will kickstart a partnership with 2B Autosport at the French Rally Championship’s Rhône-Charbonnières this 18-20 April, marking Zero’s expansion into new motorsport territory and becoming the first rally car partner that makes synthetic fuel. Zero will make its rallying debut with Gwen Lagrue behind the wheel as he competes in an iconic GT+ spec Porsche 991, previewing a partnership that will reinvent fuel for generations of fans and competitors.

Zero’s Rhône-Charbonnières launch comes just two months after the company announced its Official Partnership with Stake F1® Team Kick Sauber, demonstrating the versatility of fossil-free fuel to enhance all engine types and offering motorsport fans an exciting look at the future.

Lagrue Lagrue is a well-known figure within F1® having helped propel the careers of many past and current Formula 1 drivers, earning him a reputation as a savvy and knowledgeable motorsport talent scout. Lagrue’s support of sustainable rallying will be visible on both the car and his racing suit, with Zero’s fiery branding wrapping the Porsche 991 for the very first time.

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Paddy Lowe, Zero CEO, said:

“Zero is honored to team up with 2B Autosport, Gwen Lagrue and the FFSA to introduce 100% drop-in synthetic fuel to the French Rally Championship, marking a huge first step in our partnership and sustainable rallying. I was a big rally fan well before my career in Formula 1® because the East African Safari Rally used to come right by my house in Uganda, and I have immense respect for the additional level of difficulty drivers face while navigating unpredictable tracks and conditions. The historic Rhône-Charbonnières is the perfect venue for Zero to prove that synthetic fuel can transform any sport into a carbon-neutral activity, giving fans more of what they love with no change to the engine. After all, we’re not reinventing the wheel – just the fuel.”

Gwen Lagrue, 2B Autosport, said:

"Even though we are still in the early stages of this unique project, we are very proud to have partnered with Zero Petroleum. Our message is simple: we want to further demonstrate that our passion for motorsport and respect for the environment can go hand in hand. The fuel created by Zero Petroleum is a remarkable innovation which uses no fossil energy and utilizes existing CO2 from the atmosphere. Indeed, we are very aware that we still have a long way to go to achieve ecological neutrality in our sport, but we are also in a prime position to help the development of sustainable energies applicable for the cars of tomorrow. Slowly but surely, we will improve our footprint to achieve this neutrality, with all the spirit of competition and enjoyment of the sport we love, whether you are a fan or racer. Paddy Lowe – founder of Zero Petroleum and legendary F1® engineer – and I are proud to share the same vision and ambition as we embark on this new exciting project together.”
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About Zero Petroleum

ZERO. FUEL REINVENTED. Zero Petroleum (“Zero”) is a breakthrough energy company that develops and manufactures whole-blend synthetic, non-biological fuels – gasoline, diesel and jet fuel – in a completely fossil-free process, using just carbon dioxide from the air and hydrogen from water. Zero’s proprietary DirectFT® fuel synthesis process has demonstrated industry-leading fuel quality and production efficiency. Synthetic fuels (e-fuels, electrofuels, PtL, eSAF) are fully sustainable and circular in material, they retain the critical energy density of liquid fuels, and they can be manufactured at unlimited scale, therefore providing the only solution to the total de-fossilization of the majority of transport sectors including aviation, heavy transport, marine and agriculture. Founded by Formula 1® legend Paddy Lowe, Zero has performance in its DNA and is leading change within the sport as an Official Partner of Stake F1® Team Kick Sauber. Zero recently opened the world’s first fully featured synthetic fuel plant (Plant Zero.1) near Oxford, UK and has plans to build a commercial-scale plant which is to begin production in 2026.